Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have been published...

for the second time, but as big a thrill as the first time! Someone in a class told me she had seen my cards in Take Ten; I did not know if she meant last summers issue or the new one. I went online and in the little preview they run for the magazine I could see one of the cards I had submitted so I knew it was true. Like a total geek I checked the bookstore everyday for over a week before they finally had a copy and I could see it for real. I contacted Stampington and they sent me out a copy which arrived on Saturday with a sweet message!! There are 3 cards and one of the details in the back. Not sure how good the images are but I will try and post them here...if you have the magazine they are on page 14, 22 and 28...and Stampington photography is always excellent. Tomorrow I will find all the stamp credits and post the ones I do not remember off the top of my head.

The arc de Triomphe is an Oxford Impressions.

The mannequin is from Lost Coast designs and the Thanks is an old Stampin´ Up.

The changed the directions on this one to say computer print the sentimentS when it should have been the singular. The ¨even cowgirls get the blues¨ is part of that cool stamp. I did print the ¨Hang in there...¨ on my computer before I inked and distressed it. The little copper stars are way cooler then this pic...they are just chipboard painted and inked but they look like real old hammered copper.

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